Homeopathic Remedies

1 Homeopathic medicines are called remedies and are derived mainly from plants, minerals, metals and conventional drugs such as vaccines. They are prepared in a special process of high dilution and succussion. This particular way of preparing homeopathic remedies allows the substance to keep its healing properties without the side effects that a crude dose would have. The powerful healing action is stimulated by the administration of the smallest possible dose taken for as short a period as necessary.


Unlike most conventional medicines, homeopathic remedies are safe and non addictive and can be prescribed to pregnant women, babies and the elderly. Homeopathic treatment is entirely suitable for all age groups and most conditions.


Most Health Food stores and chemists now sell homeopathic remedies across the counter. These are usually available in the lowest dosage of ‘potency’ e.g. ‘6C’ or ‘30C’.


‘C’ stands for centesimal, which means that the level of dilution of the original substance is 6×100. There are self-help booklets in most pharmacies selling homeopathic remedies which give recommendations on how to pick a remedy for each given complaint. It is however not easy to self prescribe, especially if your knowledge of homeopathy is limited. Moreover, there is a range of only 30 remedies available across the counter.


A professional homeopath has access to a Materia Medica, with information on some 2,000 different medicines. After an in-depth consultation, the homeopath will choose the remedy and potency most appropriate to the patient’s symptoms.